Friday, October 1, 2010

Nursed back to health

About three weeks ago, I came down with a good weekend stomach virus of some sort. Not the biggest deal in the world... but at 35 weeks pregnant, it's not that fun. The gory details of that weekend of sickness I will save, but the highlights is what I want to share.
1. I watched three, yes three complete seasons of TV.
-Friends season 2.
-Office season 2.
-Arrested Development season 1.
Thanks to my friend to Danielle. Without those Dvd's I really don't know how the time would have passed.
The best thing about the weekend was Michael. He took the greatest care of me and cancelled his weekend plans to take care of me.
On Sunday, I sent him to King Soopers for choclate pudding and not only did he come back with the pudding but brought me a beautiful boquet of fall flowers.
I should get sick more often.

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