Wednesday, August 11, 2010

wedding bells

My cousin Jamie got married on July 3 at the bed and breakfast right down the street from our house. That being said, we were able to just walk down the hill to her mountain, evening wedding.
*Unsaid persons, leaving the house last, left my dog outside on his chain. It was dark when we all got home and he had been out there for a few hours. This upset him greatly. When we came and got into the house, Tosh peed on the floor of my room. He does that when he is mad and you can't blame the little mutt. Actually, he is no mutt. He is a pure breed and we paid good money for him.

Becca and I
My auntie Joyce, who is the mother-of-the bride, and her little brother Henry. That's my daddy.
Jamie walking down the aisle.
My very handsome husband.
The Hess clan, with a few Canright's thrown in there.

For those dying of curiosity as to the who's who of the *unsaid persons mentioned above, I will just let you know, without mentioning any names, that my husband, and big brother, were confirmed as the last persons leaving the house.

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