Thursday, August 19, 2010

our humble abode

We moved into our apartment almost a month ago now. I still have a few closets to organize, but other than that we are all moved in and trying to start the process of getting to know Loveland.
Pray that Michael and I will be able to make contacts and friendships with various people in the town.
We really like all the other couples that are apart of our church. Right now, Michael and I are just trying to find avenues to crack into the lives of others.
Just wanted to put up a few pics of our apartment. It's not normally this clean, but we are having company for dinner tonight, so, ya know, you have to make them think that you are a clean machine ;)
the very comfy recliner.
the very comfy double recliner couch. if you ever sat on our couch in Waukesha, you will know how happy we are to have a nice couch now.
Kitchen and dining room. Laundry room is behind that door with the iron on it.
Michael's office area for school.

Our bed and the four pillows that I have to have to find a comfortable enough position to sleep.

And we have two bathrooms. and a walk-in closet. And there is the baby's room, but it's not done being decorated so you will have to wait.
Actually, I would like you to just come see the baby's room in person. That would be nice. You, yes you.


  1. Dear Lizzy,
    Thank you for doing a blog. This way I can see your house and your belly and things without actually being with you. And I like this better than facebook. Does your baby have a name yet?

  2. I know you are talking to me. :)

  3. Yes Newsie,
    his name will be Jamin Henry Canright.
    if you want to find out more about the name Jamin, please refer to Nehemiah 8:7.

  4. Liz- I'm SO glad you have a blog...I love seeing your home, seeing your belly grow and reading all about your new life!!! Please keep it up and know that I'm praying for you! Miss you alot and I LOVE your babies name! :)