Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Horror Ride

My brother, with another one of his great ideas, decides to rent a car and drive to the top of Pikes Peak. Now hundreds of people make this drive every day to go to the top of the Peak, but I am not one of those people. And yes, I live in the mountains, so I should be fearless, but I readily admit that I am a big chicken. I almost didn't go on this little adventure, but Michael and Becca and Tom talked me into it. The whole way up I spent with my eyes closed. I got brave on the drive back down because I figured if I was going to die on that mountain I might as well look at the scenery in my last moments.
It was a beautiful view at the top, as always, and it was a rare, cloud-free day. I was able to see
I-25 all the way to the faint skyline of Denver!
On the way down, we got stuck behind a really slow car for a while. My brother got irritated but it made me very happy. When he took his hands off the wheel to be funny, I yelled at him. He probably wished he hadn't taken me on that little adventure after all. But thanks big brother, you make me braver.
Jamin's first experiece at 14,000 feet. Above timberline, and not a lot of oxygen.

Colorado Springs at our footstool.


  1. Best ride ever!!! oh, and we didnt even run out of gas...DOUBTERS! they say you need 1/2 tank...we did it with 1/8th!