Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Afternoon Showers

So, I give my dog a bath because I love him and he gets smelly. I also gave him a fur cut, which took a couple hours because I had scissors and not razors. So, my little dog is clean and trimmed.
The next day, I go to lunch with a friend. It started raining like crazy outside.
I get home only to find my little dog, on his chain in the front yard, drecnched from rain. That is not the worst of it. He had been digging a hole in the dirt during all of this.
I couldn't even let the little guy walk through the house. I had to grab Puppa with a towel and throw his little doggy but in the shower.
It's like when you wash your car and it rains the next day!!! Poor pup was shivering from the cold rain, but I gave him a bath and warmed his little body with hugs and a blow dryer.

wet, muddy dog, left out in the rain and mud.
wet, muddy dog about to be a clean, fresh dog.

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