Wednesday, August 25, 2010

32 weeks

As of this past Saturday, I am 32 weeks along.
I just woke up from a nap and I was very sleep and grumpy when we took these pictures, but since Saturday was the day marking my 8 month mark, it had to be done.
Michael and I have been attending Bradley Method birthing classes. We are wanting to go through childbirth naturally, with Michael as my coach. Both of us having been learning a lot, and I personally, am getting excited for the birth experience just because I have been doing so much reading and research. I think mental preparation for this is key!

i conjured up a smile. but it's all fake. i was much happier looking grumpy.

off topic.

Go ahead and buy your plane ticket... you, yes you.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

our humble abode

We moved into our apartment almost a month ago now. I still have a few closets to organize, but other than that we are all moved in and trying to start the process of getting to know Loveland.
Pray that Michael and I will be able to make contacts and friendships with various people in the town.
We really like all the other couples that are apart of our church. Right now, Michael and I are just trying to find avenues to crack into the lives of others.
Just wanted to put up a few pics of our apartment. It's not normally this clean, but we are having company for dinner tonight, so, ya know, you have to make them think that you are a clean machine ;)
the very comfy recliner.
the very comfy double recliner couch. if you ever sat on our couch in Waukesha, you will know how happy we are to have a nice couch now.
Kitchen and dining room. Laundry room is behind that door with the iron on it.
Michael's office area for school.

Our bed and the four pillows that I have to have to find a comfortable enough position to sleep.

And we have two bathrooms. and a walk-in closet. And there is the baby's room, but it's not done being decorated so you will have to wait.
Actually, I would like you to just come see the baby's room in person. That would be nice. You, yes you.

the view from here

If I was living a life of sight, I would have to believe that I had no feet. That is because, I can no longer see them.
You need not fear. I know I have feet. Not because I can see them, but because they ache. Just a little reminder that they are still down there whether I can look at them or not.

and when those two feet of mine carry me outside to my balcony... this is sometimes what I see. not to make you jealous, but if you don't live in Colorado, you should. I think these pictures say it all.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Afternoon Showers

So, I give my dog a bath because I love him and he gets smelly. I also gave him a fur cut, which took a couple hours because I had scissors and not razors. So, my little dog is clean and trimmed.
The next day, I go to lunch with a friend. It started raining like crazy outside.
I get home only to find my little dog, on his chain in the front yard, drecnched from rain. That is not the worst of it. He had been digging a hole in the dirt during all of this.
I couldn't even let the little guy walk through the house. I had to grab Puppa with a towel and throw his little doggy but in the shower.
It's like when you wash your car and it rains the next day!!! Poor pup was shivering from the cold rain, but I gave him a bath and warmed his little body with hugs and a blow dryer.

wet, muddy dog, left out in the rain and mud.
wet, muddy dog about to be a clean, fresh dog.

The Horror Ride

My brother, with another one of his great ideas, decides to rent a car and drive to the top of Pikes Peak. Now hundreds of people make this drive every day to go to the top of the Peak, but I am not one of those people. And yes, I live in the mountains, so I should be fearless, but I readily admit that I am a big chicken. I almost didn't go on this little adventure, but Michael and Becca and Tom talked me into it. The whole way up I spent with my eyes closed. I got brave on the drive back down because I figured if I was going to die on that mountain I might as well look at the scenery in my last moments.
It was a beautiful view at the top, as always, and it was a rare, cloud-free day. I was able to see
I-25 all the way to the faint skyline of Denver!
On the way down, we got stuck behind a really slow car for a while. My brother got irritated but it made me very happy. When he took his hands off the wheel to be funny, I yelled at him. He probably wished he hadn't taken me on that little adventure after all. But thanks big brother, you make me braver.
Jamin's first experiece at 14,000 feet. Above timberline, and not a lot of oxygen.

Colorado Springs at our footstool.

wedding bells

My cousin Jamie got married on July 3 at the bed and breakfast right down the street from our house. That being said, we were able to just walk down the hill to her mountain, evening wedding.
*Unsaid persons, leaving the house last, left my dog outside on his chain. It was dark when we all got home and he had been out there for a few hours. This upset him greatly. When we came and got into the house, Tosh peed on the floor of my room. He does that when he is mad and you can't blame the little mutt. Actually, he is no mutt. He is a pure breed and we paid good money for him.

Becca and I
My auntie Joyce, who is the mother-of-the bride, and her little brother Henry. That's my daddy.
Jamie walking down the aisle.
My very handsome husband.
The Hess clan, with a few Canright's thrown in there.

For those dying of curiosity as to the who's who of the *unsaid persons mentioned above, I will just let you know, without mentioning any names, that my husband, and big brother, were confirmed as the last persons leaving the house.

my newest and only neice

This is Elly. She was born a few months ago. This is her first visit to Colorado. She likes it here and I like her.

Zoo Day

My brother is a pretty fun guy. He likes to get me to do things that I am scared to do, or just haven't done before. He took me on my first roller coaster with up-side-down loops when I was six. He is the only person I will let drive me on a motorcycle. We went parasailing...twice... the first time things didn't go so well, but that's a story for another day. Okay, I'll give it to you in short.... He was up in the air parasailing and the motor quit on the boat and he ended up in the river. But we tried parasailing again the next year, and it was quite fun. He took me snowboarding when I was in high school and we ended up on a blue course (our first time snowboarding), at dusk, and the trail was very icy... He took me in a little place to tour Charelston when I visited him in college, that was a little terrifying for me at first, but I ended up really liking it.
So on a Friday this summer, he decided that we should go to the zoo. Now a zoo is pretty tame compared to all the other things we have done, but when my brother gets an idea for an activity, it's best to just go along for the ride.

What a nice butt you have Mr. Zebra
At the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, they built a deck so the giraffes are at eye level with you. If you give them treats they will get close and you can pet them. I never want to pay for the treats, so I stand close while someone else gives them treats and then I go in for the kill. The best spot on a giraffe is right behind the ears. There is a secret soft spot.
His parents couldn't afford orthodontics, give him a break.
If you have ever been to my parents house, you would know that we have a cat that looks very similar to this one. That's because our car is 1/4 lynx.
And here is my brother, and Becca and baby Elly. She is a nice baby.

Brother and Sister

Two weeks after Michael and I arrived in Colorado, we had lots of family into town to visit. My brother, sister-in-law, and new niece, along with my sister, and two nephews came... there were some aunts and uncles and cousins as well. I am like that of a sandwich.
The first time I have had both my brother and sister together at the same time since I was a little girl.
we are obviously related. look at those faces.

my big sister Kyra.

My excuse

I have been meaning to post for about a month now, and my latest excuse for not doing it, is that the batteries in the camera were dead and I couldn't find the battery charger. Michael and I got all unpacked into our new apartment, and the only thing still missing was the battery charger. Strange. Then, I went to Jo-Ann Fabrics this weekend. What does that have to do with aynthing? Just wait. I bought a piece of fabric. I decided I needed to iron that piece of fabric. As I pulled the iron out of the box, there it was.... the battery charger, which I had placed in with the iron to conserve space on our move. moral of that story. If you use your iron, you will find things you need.