Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Welcome to Colorado

Tomorrow I will be six months pregnant. This picture is posted mostly for the sake of Tamara :)

Here we are in Colorado at my parents house, enjoying a beautiful summer!
My dog Tosh is so glad I am home. Abby the neighbors dog always hangs out at our house and protects us from the bears with her fierce barking. A couple nights ago, my dad couldn't even come in the door for a few minutes and had to drive around the neighborhood because there was a bear in the yard that had climbed up one of our trees.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Update Newsletter

Disclaimer: we meant to send this in the form of a letter/email for the last two months... with all the chaos of moving it's never been sent, so here it is on our blog. We are now in Colorado and waiting on the Lord's timing to make the move up to Loveland. Mostly, Michael is needing to find a job for that to happen. As of now, we are staying with my parents, eating all their food, going on bike rides, and doing various work around the house. Hopefully this letter will clarify a little more the direction that Michael and I are moving towards.

Greetings Friends and Family,
This letter is intended to be a vehicle in which those of you who have been a part of our lives over the years can be better informed with what God is doing with us. We hope to be sending out updates every couple months to keep everyone up to date so that you can continue to be a part of our lives. As you all know, Liz and I were married on December 28th, 2009 and are currently residing in Waukesha, WI.. I graduated from New Tribes Bible Institute in May of last year and Liz graduated in December of 2008. It has been a journey planning for the future and seeking the Lord’s direction. Through a series of doors closing and opening we believe God has made it clear where He wants us at this time. Our original plans, when we married, were to finish our training with New Tribes Mission in the next couple years and head to the field sometime shortly after. Though this was our desire, we do believe the Lord has different plans for us currently. However, we both still believe overseas, possibly tribal work, is in our future. How, or when that will take place, only the Lord knows at this time. I believe His plan is much bigger and more complex for us then we originally thought. While we don’t believe being tribal missionaries is in the near future for us, we are still going to be involved in missionary work here in the United States. I believe it is going to better equip us and grow us in understanding what missionary work is and the discipline it takes. We desire to see lives changed by Christ, by the gospel being expressed in a culture that has little understanding or exposure to the true gospel of Jesus Christ. That is why we are going to be moving to Loveland, Colorado this coming July. We will be joining with three other core couples, two of which relocated there about a year ago to start this work. The other couple, I was close friends with during my first year of Bible School and have kept in touch with since. Through God’s providence they will also be moving to Loveland about a month before us. The plant is a part of the Berean Fellowship, which is a Network of likeminded churches. They are focusing on planting clusters of house churches in the Denver/Boulder/Fort Collins area. In this region 90% of people claim not to belong to any church of any faith whatsoever. This is not a traditional church plant. The mission field will be our work, our schools, our neighbors, etc. We will be actively involved in the community, serving and building relationships wherever possible. We will strive to take the gospel to the people and not expect them to come to us to have to here it. During our time there, I will be working and going to college and in October we will be having our first baby. We know this will not be an easy time transitioning and would much appreciate prayers. We are very excited to see what God has in store for us and the people we will be working with. The Lord has truly done a work in my heart and I have realized my neglect of the people right here in our country who have never seen or heard the true gospel of Jesus Christ. Every year in America 3500 to 4000 churches close their doors. The increase of churches is only a quarter of what is needed to keep up with the population growth. Many consider America the 4th largest mission field on the planet! I believe God has been preparing Liz and I for this task, and we can’t wait to get started. Thanks again and we look forward to keeping you all updated and further informed with our ministry in Loveland, Colorado.


Much of our time during our last month in Waukehsa was spent around various camp fires, roasting marshmallows and eating grilled dinners with friends.
In late May, Michael and I went camping with our good friends Nick and Jessie... we pitched a tent, swam in a lake, went on a hike, played a ridiculously long round of disc golf, ate food, and sweated our tails off in the 90 degree weather. It wasn't true camping considering we went to a gas station for various reasons about four times in the day and a half that we were camping. The best part about our camp site is that we were only one camp site away from the bathroom! It was a great time with friends and a chance to see a little more of the Wisconsin landscape.